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We are a small startup headed by two friends who work with rotating writers and artists to bring our favored forms of erotica to life in the form of comics and pinup stories.

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Holding a poll and News Update

Posted by PeachBreeze - December 6th, 2021

We are holding a poll for the next pin-up, you don't even need to be a paid sponsor to vote.

Let's end this year off with a victory: CLICK ME TO GO VOTE

Peach News: Dec 6, 2021

A question was brought to our attention and my partner and I would be happy to address it.

"You used to release a steady flow of comics every month or so, but now it seems to be a drought."

First off thank you for asking.

The reason why there used to be a steady flow is that there was a backlog of content. We have since exhausted our backlog. We still plan to produce comics but due to the expense of them and the reality is both I and my business partner are out of work (pandemic related) and comics are expensive to produce we are talking a couple thousand a pop for stuff that does not make all that much.

We are very niche as you might very well know. So we are in the midst of trying to find other avenues in order to fund more content. We must be clear that we are independent and not a massive corporation or a team. We are two people working with rotating talent to produce our titles.

We are considering crowdfunding to help produce titles. Something that can allow us to get the funds to bring content to life and hopefully turn a profit after it comes out in a store.

We are thinking of setting it up where we have a financial goal to meet and when we meet it we can go into production. The idea would be we'd ask for X amount and by sponsoring the project we'll send sponsors the comic upon completion. For example, we'd like to do it with Corporate Seat issue 2. The first one seems to be genuinely liked so hopefully funding for another issue wouldn't be an impossible benchmark.

Now a big problem is how do we go about crowdfunding?

We can't use Kickstarter or IndieGoGo because what we produce is eroticism. Specifically, we produce a very niche set of eroticism being giantess and gas-related content. So we are working on the limitation of being a percent of a small minority as a community of content.

So we can't use the big avenues (we've researched both and more than likely our eroticism would be turned down because it's not vanilla enough for those platforms) and we can't use PayPal as a source because PayPal does not allow for Not Safe For Work content to be utilized in their service. If you're found out using PayPal for any NSFW content they will freeze your assets and then they will completely shut you down which means we will lose any money we had stored with Paypal. This has happened with other members of the community such as NSFW voice performers, writers, and artists, and as you can imagine that is scary especially when this is our most vital source of income.

We did make the jump over to Skrill, it's a money distribution service like PayPal except it's okay to use for NSFW. We are developing to make the leap from Payhip to Gumroad which will allow for people to use their credit cards and Gumroad allows for a direct deposit which means we can circumvent using PayPal entirely. So this is a little victory for NSFW content creators.

So that's all well and good but then that leaves a question how do we do some form of crowdfunding? My partner and I are thinking what if we use the subscribe star what if we set it up where if you paid this "x amount" you will get the comic when it's completed.

One of the big issues is we can't really hold a vote on matters like this and let our audience decide because the majority of our audience chooses to remain silent on various matters we put forth. It's true any social interaction is pretty much dead in our little pocket of a community.

We've done stuff like ask for ideas from the community for pin-ups and the majority is silent. We did the giveaways and people who won would refuse to respond back to us via email or the DM service of Substar. We had a situation this year where we had a winner for the giveaway but the winner refused to respond so we had to go to a runner-up, then another and another and another it became insane. For well over a week we could not get anyone to respond to claim their prize so we just had to make a decision because we still wanted something out for the community and just go with a gut guess on what to do.

If we ask for a vote maybe four people respond out of the 30 plus sponsors on our Subscribe Star. Our Twitter, despite having 1000+ followers, is a ghost town for interaction. We had asked for comments to create a character and maybe 2 or three folks out of 1000+ responded.

The reality is this isn't a huge company business this is two people and a handful of rotating talent that works together. The reality also is this community is not interactive. My partner and I can not hope for the community we'd like but we need to work with the community we have. Folks are silent. Seemingly they just want our content and that is all there is to it.

A great deal of decision-making isn't made by the voices of a community it's more or less just me and my business partner trying to figure things out the best we can. We hope this explanation, though long it may be, helps explain the situation and what we are going through.


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